Fun Thins to do in Oakland County, Limo & Hotel package!


There's many fun & exciting things you can do right here in Oakland County. Such as home to the one of the richest county in the United States and amazing hotels in Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Birmingham. There's also some award winning restaurants in the area that will blow you away in quality and great customer service. One of the reasons I love Michigan tourism is that you can really experience it all here.

From the lakes to city, in the suburbs of Michigan every city has its own attraction and great downtown with local stores with stuff you can't find anywhere else.

The intention of this blog is to share more of the treasures in Michigan as a native that was born and raised here. I have also traveled abroad and over seas many times but there's nothing quite like Michigan. There is something so relaxing about a place where not everything is crammed into a tiny place like in New York City which I've lived in before for over 5 years. Yes it was fun and exciting at first but after a while it does get old and pretty draining.


Michigan on the other hand is more space and spread out so the pace of life seems much more relaxed. Visit Royal Oak downtown and you will know what I'm talking about, even the though the downtown is always busy with young people, it somehow still feels very relaxing to walk through.

Michigan summer is also the best as it never gets too hot, there is always a cool breeze and in the shade you can definitely cool off. It's that ideal spring weather that lasts all summer long. People ask me what about the Winters inevitably when I begin talking up about Michigan. And here is my take on it.

Michigan does get pretty chilly out here but think of it this way, the cold you can do something about it. Put some extra layers on and you are good to go. Actually enjoy wearing my winter gear from the coat, North Face fleeces, to boots and my favorite knitted hat.

So come and explore Michigan

Down below I put together a fantastic little vacation day for you in Oakland County

1. Stay at the Marriott Hotel in Bloomfield Hills, MI for only $120 a night

2. For the night time go out to downtown Rochester Hills with a limousine, I recommend Rochester Limo VIP, they have fantastic selection for limos from Rolls Royce to Bentleys or even an excalibur which is highly recommended for a classic evening. check out their site here: http://www.rochesterlimovip.com/

3. Some top restaurants in Rochester Hills: Kruse and Muer and Palm Palace, these places are high recommended. Kruse and Muer is an Italian restaurant with some of the best shrimp pasta I've ever tasted.

4. and the treat will be walking downtown and going to the local ice scream store, ITS OKAY TO EAT ICE CREAM ON VACATIONS, its not going to kill you don't worry! We recommend Dairy Treat on Auburn Rd

5. And from there you can hit up the local bars for few hours and not have to worry about driving because you got the limo waiting for you. So its a really good idea to get a limo then go out, it makes a big difference in how you can just let go and relax and do a few shots if you want because the ride is all taken care of!

6. if you are feeling little adventurous you can have the limo driver take you down to downtown Royal Oak or some clubs in Detroit and you'll really get to experience some great Night life in Michigan as those are the two places with great venues. There is one other place if you really like EDM, that would be Elektricity in Pontiac which is close from Rochester Hills, only about 20 min drive.

So there you have it, a fantastic day for you for only $700 for two people.

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How to create the budget for a nice vacation?


With summer coming up, everyone is busy planning for summer vacations, however there are some that are thinking of just skipping summer vacation all together with the excuse that there is not enough budget for it.

In this quick tutorial I'd like to explain how quickly you can come up with more than enough budget to take at least few days of summer vacation on shoe string budget so here it is.

  1. Travel with a car: You don't need to go far for a nice relaxing vacation, chances are there are many places within 6 hour driving distance that offers pretty incredible, new experiences whether that be  a new tourist town within your state or out of state that you've never been, chances are within 6 hours drive distance there are many enchanting places like Grand Rapids that will really make you feel like you took a true wonderful vacation without having to shell out the cash for an air flight. Besides everybody loves a nice little road trip during the summer!
  2. Find the best motel hotel inn deals: Guys and Gals, deals for great hotel motel and inns are everywhere you just have to be patient enough to look. Here at this blog, we explore all the recommended places but don't let that limit you. A good place to start is google and looking at the reviews, then actually calling the places up and asking if they have any specials. Most places love acquiring customer even if it means giving them a big discount, it is worth it for them to fill up their room instead leaving them vacant. Another tip for find great hotel motel inns is to pick places that is bit out of the city and then ensuring there is good public transport there. Sometimes its worth walking or taking the cab from a hotel that's located bit outside the city as the rates go down quite dramatically.
  3. Pick the local favorite restaurants: actually with the advent of yelp finding local restaurants has become much more easy than the past where you had to go by the hotel brochure. So our #1 tip to finding great restaurant is things like yelp or google plus pages where you can actually see people's reviews of these establishments. Where the local goes, and gives raving reviews for you can't go wrong. Usually there is at least 1-3 restaurants for any city that has great reviews, we recommend at least checking these places out once.

Some more tips would be to take on the idea that there are plenty of fun things to do that doesn't cost money like taking a walk or bringing some bikes to tour the city, all of these options sure beat going to a bar and throwing down hundred of dollars to get 1 bottle of champagne that costs $20 outside the bar.

It's not usually that we can't afford the vacation, its that we can't afford our spending habits so we mistakenly feel that in order to prevent that we must not take any vacation, but the responsibility usually lies with our own ways to spend which can always be improved with practice and awareness.

So this summer, at least take 1 vacation incorporating these tips and you will be amazed how little money you require to actually have a good time and call it a great weekend and family vacation in the books!


Take a vacation to Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids is home to Michigan's largest selection of local breweries and it has many awesome places to visit in as far as restaurants goes.

Here is some of my favorite places to eat:

  • The Chop House Grand Rapids
  • Bistro Bella Vita
  • Wolfgang's Restaurant
  • Grove
  • Marie Catrib's

Grand Rapids is in the upper North West of Michigan and many long time Michigan folks still have not visited Grand Rapids. Unless you have business there or family to visit, it is quite a ways far from Metro Detroit. It is almost 3 hours from Detroit, so people are not really willing to take the drive there.

However this should not be used as excuse to never visit Grand Rapids as it is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels motels Inns at very affordable rates, actually from my 10 years of experience Grand Rapids has a very fine selection of all entertainment.

If you give it a try you might be surprised.

And because it is quite a bit far away, why not spend a night there and make a quick vacation trip out of it. You can stay in one of the hotels, go to one of the famous restaurants, then hit up some of the bars & clubs all from walking distance and the streets remain active so it is safe.

For Hotels I would recommend some of the following:

1. Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

2. Countryard Grand Rapids Down Town

3. Cityflatshotel


One restaurant that is a local favorite is a vegan restaurant called Marie Catribs


If you are in the area it may be worth checking out at least once.

As they do have unique dishes that can't really be found too many places.

Perhaps you want to stay in a hotel that is bit far from downtown and you are worried about parking and driving at night. No worries, Grand Rapids is also home to some very good taxi and limo companies.

One limousine company in Gran Rapids that is particularly good is Grand Rapids Limo & Party Bus

They have very stylish limos that will be perfect for those that want a classy romantic night, as they have some unique vehicles not normally found in most companies like the Audi Q7 Limo

So really you should not run out of things to do in Grand Rapids for a while. You could even take multiple trips or if you live like an hour away such as in Lansing or Kalamazoo you could just do an overnight trip with a limo company of choice although we really do recommend Grand Rapids Limos.

So make a decision today to visit Grand Rapids during one of the weekends this summer, you will not regret it.

I know I have tons of fun there each time and I still have not run out of restaurants to go to and different cool breweries as well. Definitely my kind of town!



Hotel Motels and Inns Welcomes You


Welcome to first blog post of Hotel Motels and Inns where you will be introduced to wide database and personal stories about the various hotel, motels and Inns of Michigan and surrounding state of the Mid-West. We specialize in sending in secret hotel goers to review various hospitality business and rate the quality of room and service into various national databases of the world.

Over the years we have become experts at what area to look for when rating hotels, even many areas usual hotel goers do not typically assess but we have formulated various testing methods to see the level of engagement of the hotel staff and their commitment to handling the customer even when seemingly issues arise.

We have been in the hospitality business for a long time and we can tell you that problems happen. There is never a such thing as 100% customer satisfaction, something will go wrong and an issue will take place. We understand this and we do not judge if problems occur in fact we encourage problems to occur and sometimes we will fabricate problems for the hotel because we are specifically looking at how the hotel can handle them.

Pro tip for hotel owners to ace some of our loops is to adopt this mentality.

Problems occur, but its how we handle those problems that make all the difference in the world.

We have seen many reactions to so called problems, for example, unhappy with the room, can we change rooms? or perhaps even more unreasonable requests such as: "We were unhappy with the room, can I get a refund?" after spending the whole night in the hotel.

Now even though these test are absolutely absurd and on the side of being obnoxious, that there is the key that really lets us see the level of care that the hotel has to clients.

What is the right answer if the hotel's policy is no refunds?

Well that is not even the point of these tests if the hotel gives the refund back or not is none of any significance to us. We are simply seeing how they will react emotionally and treat us afterwards.

If a hotel gives the refund in a very sorrow and mean manner then even if the money is refunded, the hotel fails.

If a hotel apologizes with deep concern and restates with pleading manner that they will somehow make it up to us and come up with alternative ways to compensate and you can see that the staff is bit bothered by this but never gets nasty and has the tone of helping, pleading hand then this hotel gets great points in this arena.

In this way we look to very deep levels to identify which hotels are especially operating at the highest levels and ones we can highly recommend to our clients and users that visits these national level websites regularly. Some of these hotels are so superb and amazing with incredible rooms, affordable but amazing benefits like great food, drinks and even limousine drop offs, these hotels deserve a trip just to get to stay in them.

We review them all, and tell you honestly what we think, as we are not being endorsed by any of the hotels we review, our opinions and judgement are free from bias, so stick around a learn some fantastic hotels, motels and inns in your area today!