Take a vacation to Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids is home to Michigan's largest selection of local breweries and it has many awesome places to visit in as far as restaurants goes.

Here is some of my favorite places to eat:

  • The Chop House Grand Rapids
  • Bistro Bella Vita
  • Wolfgang's Restaurant
  • Grove
  • Marie Catrib's

Grand Rapids is in the upper North West of Michigan and many long time Michigan folks still have not visited Grand Rapids. Unless you have business there or family to visit, it is quite a ways far from Metro Detroit. It is almost 3 hours from Detroit, so people are not really willing to take the drive there.

However this should not be used as excuse to never visit Grand Rapids as it is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels motels Inns at very affordable rates, actually from my 10 years of experience Grand Rapids has a very fine selection of all entertainment.

If you give it a try you might be surprised.

And because it is quite a bit far away, why not spend a night there and make a quick vacation trip out of it. You can stay in one of the hotels, go to one of the famous restaurants, then hit up some of the bars & clubs all from walking distance and the streets remain active so it is safe.

For Hotels I would recommend some of the following:

1. Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

2. Countryard Grand Rapids Down Town

3. Cityflatshotel


One restaurant that is a local favorite is a vegan restaurant called Marie Catribs


If you are in the area it may be worth checking out at least once.

As they do have unique dishes that can't really be found too many places.

Perhaps you want to stay in a hotel that is bit far from downtown and you are worried about parking and driving at night. No worries, Grand Rapids is also home to some very good taxi and limo companies.

One limousine company in Gran Rapids that is particularly good is Grand Rapids Limo & Party Bus

They have very stylish limos that will be perfect for those that want a classy romantic night, as they have some unique vehicles not normally found in most companies like the Audi Q7 Limo

So really you should not run out of things to do in Grand Rapids for a while. You could even take multiple trips or if you live like an hour away such as in Lansing or Kalamazoo you could just do an overnight trip with a limo company of choice although we really do recommend Grand Rapids Limos.

So make a decision today to visit Grand Rapids during one of the weekends this summer, you will not regret it.

I know I have tons of fun there each time and I still have not run out of restaurants to go to and different cool breweries as well. Definitely my kind of town!


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