Taking names and making big time decisions to get the best deals


Hotels Motels and Inns is about the getting you the best deals for vacations and business trips. Its about getting you that deal to go on business meeting on budget, its about those young hustlers out there that need to go make a sales presentation in a different city and you don't know anybody and you only have $100 bucks.

As an owner of a website that creates deals and make deals happen for people, you come to develop a certain mindset of make things happen or do whatever you can to make something happen. There is always a way, and someone always holds the key.

We've all been there and its tough working on that shoe string budget but one day we have to make it happen. When you are working on the shoe string budget what do you do to make it happen. Well one thing I can say is that one should find ways to make things happen instead of finding ways that things didn't work out.

I believe with conviction that we are capable of greatness, when you don't have that budget for a hotel, there's still ways to make it happen and make it to your event if its important enough for you. Think about what has caused this situation of not having enough money in the first place. Everything has consequence, what was the consequence of you slacking off that one Sunday have anything to do with this situation?

What is the consequence of substance abuse such as marijuana have on your future? Most people do not want to face the cold hard facts and reality. We do not come from a world of hungry so in order to get hungry again we have to put pressure back on ourselves to become hungry again. I have the potential to become a millionaire should there be a day that I'm not working really hard on my goals and vision?

We all come to a certain point in life where the window of opportunity opens and you have to take action. There is no if or buts about it, when the opportunity is there you have to act. There is no place I'd rather be then to expanding professional and personally into becoming someone that is capable & achieves greatness.

I am focused and on target with everything of my dreams starting now, now is the time to love, now is the time to accept all thing, now is the time to move forward, today is the day, Today is my day, I will seize this day, I will follow up with clients, I will gain new prospects, I will get better on the phone, I will sell people on my goals, vision for the future.


The mindset to get the best hotel deals is ironically the mindset of a young hustler or entrepreneur, you find out ways to make it happen instead of finding excuses why things didn't happen. In terms of hotel deals, there is more than one avenue to get that deal and raise enough funds so you can go make the big deals in life. Remember there is always consequence to every action, the one that creates momentum by persistent massive action will eventually take over and take charge.