One of the Hotel had Storm Damage


There was an incident that occurred last night, where one of the storm blew down a branch and the branch went crashing down into a hotel lobby, it was one of the 5 star hotels in Grand Rapids, MI and it was quite a debacle and honestly I didn't think tree branches would be that heavy but it was quite heavy certainly too much for team of 2 guys to carry, and the tree was getting old and stiff so it had to go anyway. I never knew tree service could be so expensive however, we called in total 4 different companies and all of them were pretty pricey, to tell you the truth and didn't like any of the options.

One company quoted us $500 just to move the branch, and the other company suggested we take out the whole tree because it was dying, and the other company suggested that the tree needs cabling and bracing, whatever it is we were very strapped for cash and because this was one of my good friends hotel, we felt bit responsible to clean up after this as it was a day before a great review that was suppose to take place at this location. We also wanted certified arborist to take a look at some of the sick trees on property.

And these reviews are quite important for the hotel establishment, certain affluent people will come take a look at the hotel lobby and tell us exactly what needs to be fixed and taken care of. The trees are all very worn and torn from last night, not just this one tree but many trees next to it. When you take a look there's pine trees in the distance that's dangerously leaning over cars parked in the parking lot. Well we thought this can't be good, so we hired the last tree service guys and they told us they will require more work than simply taking out the branch that had fallen, there's many trees nearby that's compromising the nearby property of the hotel, so it was in our best interest to get a full trim on 7 different trees at the price of $6000, wow that's a steep price tag but what's interesting was by then the owner of the hotel who is my good friend was there to listen to the whole mess and the potential danger that was at stake.

So he declined all the little jobs but he someone trusted this company and went for the full $6000 tree job from these guys, whats interesting is he declined all the other company because their "price was too high" yet he ordered these guys tree service and which was much more expensive because the company showed more expertise and knowledge, and a lot better at customer support and service.

This was a great lesson to everyone out there that owns a business, its not often the price that buyers really care about, they are willing to spend money on a service that holds value. And for these guys it was tree service that was dependable that made all the difference. So next time you are giving service and customer rejects the price, think twice before lowering the price, it may be that you have to explain to them better and paint the picture of a better product.

Sometimes you have to leverage the tools and people around even if it means paying more than what you expected. Tree Service guys exist for a reason and the great primary reason they exist is so they can provide amazing quality service to everyone that calls and everyone that needs their service, I will forever remember this day as one of those moments that really told me truth about buyers and what they think. If they want tree service and they want the best the reward is bigger because you won't have accidental branches falling on your property causing more damage.

When someone comes through with great customer service and care, and the tree gets cut down with precision and they establish trust with you. People are more opt to spend not just measly $300 but $5000. So when you need that great tree service you know who to call, these guys in Grand Rapids did a  fantastic job.